East of West screens a different video or film every few weeks in our immersive video installation room. We are happy to arrange a screening of any of these videos at the gallery upon request. Please consider supporting these artists and their work by donating directly to the artist. Contact East of West for more information.

Ibi Ibrahim and Hosam Omran
Departure trailer

Departure is a short film that recounts the struggle of Yemenis stranded and displaced outside of Yemen as a result of the ongoing war. Through the usage of bird migration footage as well as animated footage of Yemen, the film aims to display the current status of the Yemeni citizen, displaced and in a constant state of waiting. Those who wait to leave, and those who wait to return. The video is accompanied by voice conversations of Yemeni women who have been displaced since the war erupted. Like thousands of other Yemenis, they found themselves suddenly unable to return to their homes, displaced from their loved ones and faced with the obstacles of the unknown. The video piece is a collaborative work between Ibi Ibrahim and Hosam Omran.

Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al Lail
When I Was 8

"When I was 8 attempts to chart the creation of memory as a result of trauma from a car accident; that is, how I wished to convey emotions of a distant past events. The three videos weave a tale that is essentially inspired by a piece of writing I had done post-accident."

Maha Alasaker

"Creating this video has been for me a liberating process, through which I let my inner side and fears come out. It confesses my struggles to the viewer and invites them to enter my world."

Shaghayegh Cyrous
Pronounce My Name?

"A lot of people suggested I change my name when I migrated to San Francisco from Tehran. Through the experience of these responses, I realize that there is something interesting behind different pronunciations. I believe that pronunciations are powerful. They allow you to understand diversities and a variety of cultures and backgrounds that exist in one specific location, such as San Francisco. The way an individual or a group pronounces a word varies depending on the culture and its languages and dialects."

Shaghayegh     شقای

Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al Lail
In Between

"In Between is a personal performance piece that deals with feelings of trauma, personhood, and space. It charts the development of different feelings and attempts to place each within an appropriate context. Essentially, the piece aims at transcending and overcoming categories which limit one–feelings that block a perception of self-unity. Yet, the piece acknowledges that reality as perceived by me is a duality which differentiates aspects of my mental landscape. Moreover, the piece attempts to capture the experience for others in order to provide an understanding of identities – personal and global. It is in the constant alternation between subjective and objective that leaves one In Between."

Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al Lail
The Calling

"The Calling attempts to enrich the visual space by its dual nature, stillness and the echo of distance. The ‘echo’ identifies with all that lies within the field of vision, there by leaving the musicality to fade into the scene. This overwhelming sense of silence and stillness reach beyond what is distant and leaves us asking a pertinent question; who is calling?

Shaghayegh Cyrous
A Window to Tehran

"After my migration to US, I became interested in the time difference between Tehran and San Francisco. Tehran is twelve hours and thirty minutes into the future and San Francisco is twelve hours and thirty minutes into Tehran’s past. I started to get a sense of the compression of time-space by using technologies as a tool that allow me to connect to my home country live."

Collaborator in Tehran: Shabnam Shivaie