Artist Talk with Ronen Sharabani

June 10, 2018 at East of West
In collaboration with CURRENTS New Media

SETUP / Deconstructing and Reassembling Landscapes with New Media

Ronen Sharabani (b. 1974) lives and works in Israel. Sharabani is a participating artist in CURRENTS 2018; his new media installation “SETUP” is a 3 channel video installation projected onto a sandbox which tackles issues of deconstruction and reassembling of landscapes. Three videos by Sharabani are concurrently exhibited in addition to this installation.

In the center lies a table – on both ends there are sand boxes upon which buildings and people are projected, whereas in the center of the table similar objects are projected over compartmentalized scenery from Jerusalem’s surroundings. The table appears inviting from afar yet is de facto unapproachable as the table has no legs thus standing on the chairs themselves. One may setup but may not interfere. Two cement blocks emerge from the table and shift their virtual weight towards the sides of the room simulating sunrise and sunset, coming full circle. SETUP invites for close inspection yet leaves no room for intervention. When approached the aesthetics collapse into gritty building revealing multiple layers.

Sharabani discussed this work, his process, and more at this artist talk. Watch a portion of his talk via these videos.