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Opening April 13, 2018 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm

The Art of Printed Language
April 13 - April 29, 2018

Mother Tongue will explore the intersection of language and aesthetic through the intricacies of printed word as art. Featured artists include Meshal Al-Obaidallah, Younes Zemmouri, Evar Hussayni, Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al Lail, Ibi Ibrahim, and more. This exhibition will act as a preview for the multiple zines—created by several international artists affiliated with East of West—to be released at the Santa Fe Zine Fest on April 14. Pages of these booklets will be printed as large-scale limited editions exhibited alongside original works. Zine authors include members of Variant Space, an artist collaborative based out of the UK focusing on the art of Muslim Women. A new installation will be revealed featuring 3D printed words in Ottoman Turkish, a language no longer written yet considered the “mother tongue” of several Turks with ancestral connections to the Ottoman Empire.

Meshal Al-Obaidallah
Ibi Ibrahim
Evar Hussayni
Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al Lail
Younes Zemmouri

To preview and purchase works in advance, visit the gallery's online store. Please contact us for press or inquiries.

Ibi Ibrahim and Hasam Omran