Maha Alasaker

 Image from the  Undisclosed  series

Image from the Undisclosed series

Maha Alasaker is a Kuwaiti visual artist based in New York City. Her prolific oeuvre includes fine art photography, fashion editorials, videography, and mixed media collage. Maha's work engages with identity and cultural issues; she images both herself in various levels of concealment–behind the veil and various everyday objects–and others in their most intimate environments.

"As a woman born and raised in the Middle East, I had to accept cultural norms and traditions as they were, without question. From my perspective, I always witnessed religion and tradition outweighing everything else. I was always amazed by the impact that culture and religion had on members of my society, especially myself and other women. We lived in a small country where everyone knew each other, where thoughts and beliefs were always discussed over a cup of coffee. The cultural importance of religion and tradition did not resonate with me, and makes me wonder who I would be if I was born somewhere else. Through engaging with issues of identity and culture in my artwork, I attempt to have a deeper understanding of myself. I’m curious to explore what it means to be female and how that is based on my upbringing."

Maha's work has been published in Harper Bazaar Arabia, Vogue Arabia, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, Lady Gunn, and Material Girl. She has exhibited extensively in New York City, London, Dubai, and across Kuwait.

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