Hushidar Mortezaie

  Don't Ban My Family

Don't Ban My Family

Hushidar "Hushi" Mortezaie was born in Tehran and immigrated to California's Bay Area in 1975. After living in New York City for a decade, Hushidar now resides in California, living between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hushidar's work spans the mediums of textile, packaging, graphic design, painting, and radical fashion. Conceptually, his work dives into the junctions of gender, politics, queerness, revolution, archive, and mass consumption through branding, propaganda, and the cult of celebrity.

Hushidar is a fashion designer, visual artist, and activist who combines these varied mediums into installation-like tableaus that create a singular political pop art world of satire and artifice. Through elaborate detail and the layering of concepts, ages, and artistic mediums, his work reflects the dystopia and information overload of the 21st century. Hushidar’s work has helped prompt the rise of Middle Eastern style and Islamic motifs in fashion and Iranian New Wave conceptual art through his pioneering celebration of heritage. He has created a novel visual language through graphic design, fashion, and fine art to inspire a new generation of Iranian-American immigrants to take pride in their culture with the hopes for the children of the new Iranian Renaissance to flourish.

Hushidar's work has been featured in publications including Italian Vogue, Huffington Post, and W Magazine, and has been worn by  Brad Pitt in the motion picture Fight Club as well as by Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV Show Sex and the City. Musicians such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Beyonce have transferred his visual messages to the masses by wearing his designs. Hushidar travels between Tehrangeles in West L.A. and his studio in Oakland, which acts as the home base for his online bazaar "Silk Road Super." He is currently collaborating with the Iranian Alliance Across Borders (I.A.A.B.) to build a visual campaign of positivity in their court case against Trump to repeal the Muslim Ban. Hushi believes that "now is not the time to run away. Now is the time to rise, resist, and inspire."

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