Grace Lynne

  Habitat  by Grace Lynne

Habitat by Grace Lynne

Grace Lynne is a Los Angeles-based artist who centers her work on West African aesthetics, Black tales and folklore, and Black femininity. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Art Center College of Design in 2017, with a Major in Illustration and a Minor in Social Innovation. Grace's education in commercial studies introduced her to the way in which particular images are utilized to condition and manipulate the way we perceive the world and even ourselves. After discovering the power of imagery, she then strove to take on the quest of making visual art that could showcase the nuances of her individual experience. This became an outlet not only to create social awareness surrounding her personal identity, but also to spark dialogue and to educate the public on the stories of underrepresented groups of people.

As one of the few women of color in her university program, Grace became passionate about creating work that was equally aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking. It was during this education that Grace began to center her Blackness in her art, and it has since been a crucial focal point. Grace believes in the power that belongs to women of color who authentically voice their stories and their truth. Her work is adamantly and fervently beautiful—reversing the all-too-frequent narrative of people of color being denied beauty. Instead of leaning into the superficiality of beauty, Grace uses aesthetics to validate and uplift underrepresented communities. Blurring the line between the beautiful and the strange, her works prove that the two are closely related.

Grace’s work has been featured in several publications including New American Paintings, American Illustration, and Fields Magazine. Her work has been exhibited at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, and New Image Art Gallery. Grace plans to earn her Masters of Fine Arts in 2019.

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