Farbod Mehr

 Detail of  Inner Feeling

Detail of Inner Feeling

Farbod Mehr is an Iranian artist based out of London. After graduating with a degree in Architecture from Central Saint Martins, Farbod began to venture into the world of graphic design, combining with it his interests of avant-garde architecture and Persian mysticism. His work is at the crux of architecture, design, geometry, computer-generated graphics, personal experience, and Persian visual culture: an amalgam of theoretical knowledge spanning from past to present. Farbod cites his main inspiration as the contemporary ability to reflect on his Persian roots and identity.

Farbod founded the art line ‘The Bad Shepherd’ and currently works as design director at studioINTEGRATE, a London-based architecture and design studio. Farbod graduated from Central Saint Martins College in London with first class honors in Architecture. He has exhibited his work in countries including the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Iran, and more.

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