December 22, 2017: Word into Art: Artists of the Modern Middle East by Venetia Porter

Our first Book of the Week! This week, our selected book from East of West's library is Word into Art: Artists of the Modern Middle East by Venetia Porter. Word into Art is the catalogue for The British Museum's 2006 exhibition of the same name.

This catalogue documents a stunning collection of modern works of art from the Middle East that meet at the crossroads of visual culture and the written word. An ever present theme in our contemporary society, text takes on a new life by artists such as Dia Al Azzawi, Shirin Neshat, Etel Adnan, and Hassan Massoudi. This book is split into four sections, beginning with the earliest Arabic illuminated texts of the Qur'an and following the artistic movement to contemporary mediums such as graffiti, screenprints, embroidery, and even x-rays. "Word into Art" explains the different types of Arabic script and their uses in such a way that no previous knowledge of Arabic or calligraphy is necessary.

As an added bonus, our copy came with an additional chapbook chronicling some of these artists' favorite poems. This informative and beautiful book is available to be checked out at East of West.