Beya Khalifa

 Detail of  Fuck Your Oppression II

Detail of Fuck Your Oppression II

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Beya Khalifa weaves together different, and often absurd, worlds with the use of collage—digital and physical. Her collages serve as a visual examination of the human condition and its relation to the universe, often through quirky or satirical narratives. Her work exists in a perpetual state of surrealism and phantasmagoria, almost like a daydream come to life. Beya’s collages utilize antique photographs layered under digital graphics to combine kitsch, orientalism, fantasy, and history into a seamless investigation of the absurdity of daily life.

Beya’s work has been published in Artupon, Fubiz, Fstop, Flair Magazine, Cairo Gossip, and Collage Collective Co.

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