Curated by Kiana Pirouz and Mahya Soltani
Opening: July 7, 6:00 pm
July 7 - August 5, 2018

Before We Were Banned is a series of events subverting the Muslim Ban 1.0 by cultivating a platform for creatives of the seven countries on the list (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) to draw their own picture and write their own narrative. Curated by Brooklyn-based Iranian curatorial duo Kiana Pirouz and Mahya Soltani, Before We Were Banned first and foremost celebrates the arts and culture of these communities and in due course aims to repudiate the antagonistic image portrayed of these nations. East of West looks forward to welcoming Before We Were Banned to Santa Fe, New Mexico for their first travelling exhibition after a successful debut in New York City.

Asiya Al-Sharabi
Farhad Bahram
Gina Malek
Layali Alsadah
Nouf Saleh
Soraya Benson
Rhonda Khalifeh
Mays Albeik
Tandis Shoushtary
Ifrah Mansour
Carmen Daneshmandi

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