Ali Al Shehabi

 Detail of a photograph from the series  Mama's Nostalgia

Detail of a photograph from the series Mama's Nostalgia

Ali Al Shehabi is a visual artist born in Bahrain and raised in Dubai. Ali began to experiment with photography in the early summer of 2016, and has spent the past two years mastering his gaze. His journey into the arts began after a serious accident left him handicapped, taking him months to recover. During his recovery, he spent his time browsing the internet and finding a community of inspirational photographers, thus leading him to pursue the art as a hobby. Ali reflects that even though he did not have the financial ability to invest in a digital camera, he was able to repurpose film cameras found in his mother’s belongings from her youth. To this day, the process of using film as a medium is still his preferred photographic method.

In autumn of 2016, Ali moved to Tokyo to study arts and language. This experience inspired him further to capture the arts, culture, and vibrancy of life which surrounded him. By spring of 2017, Ali had returned to Dubai and is now studying graphic design as well as photography. Ali has exhibited work in Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, and continues to collaborate with artists as well as self publish his work.

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